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Promotion of youth skills

Malagasy know-how

For the day dedicated to the competence of youth, ACTUAL TEXTILES organized a debate with their new employees on their first experiences in the professional world, their impression and their opinions on the textile industry.

On this occasion, ACTUAL TEXTILES focuses on the importance of social dialogue in order to acquire innovative ideas about the opinions of younger generations on the world of work.

Around a gasy gasy breakfast; a sharing of experience between the oldest in terms of year of work and those who start their career settles with the participation of the leaders.

The Company’s management, Mr. Ilann HIRIDJEE and Ms. Mezbine HIRIDJEE remind the large family of ACTUAL TEXTILES that “when the training required and in line with the job, the skill will be at the service of progress … We want the company to evolve so that the skills of each employee are valued that is why we collaborate with the municipality on the promotion of employment so that each individual, young graduate or not, can integrate the world of work and provide for their daily lives.étence-des-jeunes/

Departement vente

Sales department:

he ACTUAL TEXTILES sales team is in constant communication with our customers, following their requirements step by step.
We dig deep into their product specifications, using industry expertise to cross-reference and negotiate on their behalf.
Forward capacity planning allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt the production schedule to customer circumstances.
Whether customers are looking for a specific material or trim, or require a complete design and manufacturing solution, we are able to provide the bespoke service that best suits their needs.