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Vaccination - Textile Madagascar


La lutte contre la propagation du Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) continue. En vertu de sa responsabilité sociétale et la protection de ses employés; ACTUAL TEXTILES… Read More »Vaccination

Nulla facilisi

Donec nec mi velit. Nam eget nibh finibus, semper sapien in, tincidunt velit. Pellentesque et ex turpis. Praesent rhoncus tempus congue. Proin facilisis at sapien… Read More »Nulla facilisi

Departement vente

Sales department:

he ACTUAL TEXTILES sales team is in constant communication with our customers, following their requirements step by step.
We dig deep into their product specifications, using industry expertise to cross-reference and negotiate on their behalf.
Forward capacity planning allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt the production schedule to customer circumstances.
Whether customers are looking for a specific material or trim, or require a complete design and manufacturing solution, we are able to provide the bespoke service that best suits their needs.