Textiles Madagascar - Actual Textiles Team
Mezbine ISMAEL
General Manager
Emmanuel RAMDOO
Production Director

Logistic Director
Actual Textiles Madagascar - Ilann Hiridjee Junior Manager
Ilann YVES
Junior Manager

ACTUAL TEXTILES, located in a free zone in Madagascar, is pleased to introduce you its team and departments:


  • Sales department:

ACTUAL TEXTILES sales team is in constant communication with our clients, following step by step their requirements.

We drill down into their products’ specifications, using industry expertise to cross and negociate on their behalf.

Forward capacity planning enables us to adapt production schedule to clients’ circumstances quickly and efficiently.

Whether customers seek a specific material or trim, or need a complete design & manufacturing solution, we are positioned up to deliver the bespoke service that best fits their requirements.

  • Products development:

Product development team is responsible for garment samples making such as prototypes, size sets, sales man samples and pre production samples.

Our sample makers work closely with our pattern makers to elaborate garments.

We generate samples from customers’ technical path. We also provide our clients with independent ideas that may enhance their products. We use the state-of-art LECTRA system to generate accurate, dependable patterns.


We manage production from prototype to shipping, and ensure stringent capacity planning for optimized use of facilities.

  • Cutting Department:

Cutting room closely adheres to all patterns specifications, ensuring that subsequent phases of garment construction turn out a finished product as our customers’ require.

  • Sewing Department:

Every stage of garment construction is meticulously assembled and must achieve strict quality guidelines.

Working with AQL 1.0, our in-process quality control system is designed to provide a garment that meets exact customers’ specifications.

Over a decade in the clothing manufacturing industry, we are capable in sewing a variety of garment’s styles and materials.

We have a large assortment of sewing machines available to accommodate almost any sewing operation, including shirt’s know-how, mix & match apparels using woven & knitted materials on a same piece of garment.

  • Finishing & Inspection Department:

As a full-service clothing manufacturer, our garments are fully examined, pressed, tagged and bagged in our facility.

Our staff is used to work closely to any customers’ requirements on quality standard as well as labeling & packing instructions given to us.

Working with any AQL standard requested by our clients, our staff is used to keep our level to AQL1.0 compliance achieved. A full 100% inspection of all our production is made, subject to strict AQL shipment release standards, before to be handled to any International Inspection organization requested by our clients.


At ACTUAL TEXTILES, we understand that customers’ business depends on bringing garments to market at just the right time.

Our dedicated logistic team is charged with managing and streamlining every process to ensure a competitive delivery schedule.

Whether our clients have opted to buy on a FOB or CIF/LDP basis, we are used to co-ordinate the timely dispatch of their goods in the agreed format.

We are offering to our customers a range of options, including very competitive cost for air freighting garments if wished.

All our garments are delivered with GSP form EUR1.