Company Profile

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Welcome to ACTUAL TEXTILES, a clothing company based in a free zone, located in AntananarivoMadagascar.

We are proud of manufacturing garments for European & South African fashion labels.

We are following Madagascar’s long history in manufacturing high quality garments, keeping updated to any new process in clothing industry.

With a long experience within the clothing manufacturing industry, ACTUAL TEXTILES is one of the Madagascar’s leading companies: offering high quality production.

We believe in building strong relationship with our customers, using their expectations in production of their garments to push the boundaries in terms of quality.

Having worked with High street labels such as PETIT BATEAU, JACADI, ETAM, PRINCESSE TAM TAM, OBAIBI and others, the quality and services we provide continue to grow, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Since it started in 2002, ACTUAL TEXTILES’ reputation has been steady grown.

We are specialists in manufacturing kids’ garments as well as women’s blouses, loungewear & sleepwear, with plenty of experience of making wide range of other garments.

Once we have provided all materials & trimmings required for customers’ styles, we complete a production process to our best ability, transforming their creative designs to a perfect garment.

  • Sampling: We offer a very professional and reliable sampling service from prototypes to size sets, SMS and shipping samples.
  • We create patterns, source materials & trimmings to accomplish customers’ requests.
  • Production: we will carry out a high quality production, and we will work to our full capacity to ensure deadlines are met.

Leading manufacturer for European brands, we are exporting, from our free zone location in Madagascar, customers’ apparels with GSP form EUR1.